From The News 12 Connecticut Report by John Craven:

It’s a sight few thought they would ever see in scandal-plagued Bridgeport.
On Monday, four campaign operatives appeared in court on ballot fraud charges – including a City Council member and a powerful Democratic Party leader.
But two of the suspects are fighting back, insisting they are innocent of a “political injustice,” or being made a scapegoat for Mayor Joe Ganim.
The charges come five years after Bridgeport Generation Now first raised red flags to the State Elections Enforcement Commission.
“We discovered and uncovered patterns and practices of illegal misconduct in the name of rigging Bridgeport’s local elections,” said Heilmann.
Outside the courthouse, the group Fight Voter Fraud Inc. said the arrests took way too long.
“We’re looking at five years ago,” said founder and CEO Lynda Szynkowicz. “Which again, the 2023 incidents never would have happened had it actually been adjudicated a lot quicker.”
Fight Voter Fraud Inc. is attempting to force a judge to arrest Geter-Pataky in the 2023 ballot stuffing scandal. The Connecticut Supreme Court is now deciding whether voters can use an obscure 70-year old law to go around the usual arrest warrant process.

We’re fighting the Bridgeport Ballot stuffing case head-on. The Connecticut AG has called us “vigilantes.” Now, we’re going to the CT Supreme Court to fight for every legal voter’s voice to be heard. Bringing our case to the Connecticut Supreme Court requires resources from the generous support of individuals like you who believe in the power of “We The People.”

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